What are Boom Cards and how do they work?

Updated: Mar 9

With the rise of distance education, you may have noticed 'Boom Cards' pop up in your newsfeeds lately.

So what are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are self-checking digital task cards.

That's the simple explanation.

Are they really self-checking?

Yes. After each activity on the card, the students receive immediate answers back - correct or incorrect.

Here is a short video of one of my Boom Cards on Sorting Attributes, to show you how the student would use the card.

As you can see, Boom Cards are super easy for little learners to use.

Can Preps and Grade 1s use these cards?

Yes! They are honestly so easy for little fingers to drag and drop the elements in.

How will Boom Cards help me as a teacher?

1) they are digital - so no printing required!

2) for students who do not have access to concrete materials to drag and drop or demonstrate without writing, these cards are perfect

3) they self-correct for students with a little 'ting' when the answer is correct - instant feedback

4) teachers can generate a report on each student's answer to each card

Are they free?

It's free to set up an account on Boom.

1) Go to Boom Learning and click on the green Sign up button.

2) Join with your email, Facebook, or Google account. 

3) Once you've created a username and password, click on the Library tab.

From there you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Show me free stuff!" to get all the freebies. From there you can add products to your library.

Here is one of my freebies on Boom for you to try - An Introduction to Common Nouns

From there you can add your 'Classes'.

You will need to set up a class or import one if you are using Google Classroom.

You can manually enter students if you need to and change the class name. If you need to you can assign student passwords here.

Next, you need to assign decks for your students to work on (task cards).

You can assign it to one class or multiple classes (or to individual students).  If you choose this option, it will record student scores. You can also select 'Fast Pin' which won't record student scores.

Note: Free accounts allow you to assign to up to 5 students, anything above that and you will need to use Fast Pin. If you want to assign a deck to more students and record their scores, you will need to pay for the yearly account (however it's very reasonably priced).

When a student signs in, this is what they see.

They will see a list of decks their teacher has assigned them.

They complete each deck of cards.

When completed, it will tell the student how many they got right or wrong.

As their teacher, you can log in and generate a report on their progress and the number of correct answers.

It's really that simple!

There are lots of free and paid Boom Decks available for you to select from or you can design your own!

To view the full set of Boom Cards I offer, take a look at my Digital Resources page.

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