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Do your students know how to sequence familiar events? Do they understand the terms to use when creating any sequencing texts? In this pack, you will find 20 reading comprehension worksheets with cut-and-paste activity sheets. Students read the text, identify the sequencing words, color the pictures and then sequence the pictures to match with key terms first, then, next and lastly.


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This easy-to-use pack contains:

1. How to make a cheese sandwich (US version without butter & UK version with butter)

2. Making a burger

3. Going on a picnic

4. Mailing a letter (US version 'mailing' & UK version 'posting')

5. Painting a picture of a flower

6. Washing the car

7. Washing the dog

8. How a caterpillar turns into a butterfly

9. My daily routine

10. How to grow a pumpkin

11. How to bury treasure

12. How to build a bird box

13. How a plant grows

14. How to make a fishbowl

15. How to decorate a Christmas tree

16. How to make toast

17. How to make cereal

18. How to get ready for bed (US version ‘pajamas’ & UK version ‘pyjamas’)

19. How to wash your hands

20. How to get dressed (US version ‘pants’ & UK version ‘trousers’)


Read and Sequence Worksheets for Kindergarten

  • File Info

    PDF 20 Worksheets

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year English:

    Use comprehension strategies to understand and discuss texts listened to, viewed or read independently (ACELY1650)

    Listen to and respond orally to texts and to the communication of others in informal and structured classroom situations (ACELY1646)

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