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Learning to sequence familiar objects and events is a foundation skill for young students in all subjects. In this pack you will find 10 cut and paste activity sheets so students can read the text and sequence the pictures to match.


This easy to use pack contains:

  • How to make a cheese sandwich
  • Making a burger
  • Going on a picnic
  • Mailing a letter (2 versions with UK/US terms)
  • Paint a picture of a flower
  • Washing the car
  • Washing the dog
  • A caterpillar turning into a butterfly
  • My day
  • How to grow a pumpkin


Directly applies to the following curriculum strands in the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) for Foundation Year:

  • Sequence familiar objects and events.
  • Compare and order duration of events using everyday language of time.
  • Sequencing ideas in spoken texts, retelling well known stories, retelling stories with picture cues, retelling information using story maps
  • Discussing and sequencing events in stories

Sequencing Activities Reading Comprehension

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    11 MB|48 pages