This activity pack has been inspired by the wonderful Nick Bland story The Very Hungry Bear and will assist your students to practice retelling and sequencing stories. It's jam-packed with fun activities such as story sliders, masks and cut-outs to help take students through the sequencing of a story.

PLEASE NOTE: the text from the book/whole book as a download is NOT included in this pack due to copyright restrictions. You can purchase the book from any good bookshop or your school library will have a copy. This download is an accompaniment to the book, you will need to have read or currently be reading this book with your students before starting these activities.

Inside this easy-to-use pack you will find:

  • Characters and Setting Images Cut Outs (use on the board)

  • Character Masks (dress up and retell)

  • Story Sequencing Activity (practice sequencing)

  • Character Profiles (what types of characters are they?)

  • Character Venn Diagram (compare characters)

  • Character Needs and Wants (compare characters needs against their wants)

  • Story Slider (perfect for story retells)


The Very Hungry Bear by Nick Bland Story Retell Activities

  • File Info

    Electronic Download

    File Type: 1 x PDF 

    Number of pages: 21

    Suggested Year Levels: Foundation - Year 1

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year English:

    Identify some features of texts including events and characters and retell events from a text(ACELT1578)

    Retell familiar literary texts through performance, use of illustrations and images (ACELT1580)

    Innovate on familiar texts through play (ACELT1831)

    Listen to and respond orally to texts and to the communication of others in informal and structured classroom situations (ACELY1646)