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This pack is a fun, hands-on activity for students. It includes a brief historical background on Aboriginal art and dot painting. This pack includes clear step-by-step instructions and visuals so students can create their own artwork. Perfect for NAIDOC Week or any Australian Aboriginal study as part of your social studies or HASS lessons.


50% of any Indigenous resource sales profits will go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.


Note: Where possible, please consult your local elder before undertaking dot painting activities in your classroom to see if they are appropriate. 


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This best-selling pack includes:

  • Aboriginal Australians and history of dot paintings information
  • Step-by-step instructions for students with visuals on how to do dot painting
  • 40 x black and white templates ready to print for students to decorate

Aboriginal Dot Painting Activity

  • File Info

    PDF 40 pages

  • ACARA Alignement

    Year 3 HASS

    (AC9HS3K02)significant events, symbols and emblems that are important to Australia’s identity and diversity and how they are celebrated, commemorated or recognised in Australia, including Australia Day, Anzac Day, NAIDOC Week, National Sorry Day, Easter, Christmas, and other religious and cultural festivals

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