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What teachers have said about TechTeacherPto3 products...

"I am in awe of how well set out this unit is. I have brought it to the attention of my Head of Curriculum! Spot on and exactly what we are after. Well worth the cost."


"A fantastic resource to help me plan my HASS lessons for 2018. Really comprehensive and aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Thank you for making my teaching easy!"

"Fantastic! This provides more than double what I need to cover the AC HASS content. I love the real life photos and links/QR codes to video content."

"So glad I found this tool! I cannot wait to put it all to great use and get my kids even more in love with writing time!"

"Ahhhh! THANK YOU!!! Finally, I can see how some of the (to me) vague outcomes can actually translate into activities and what the outcome actually means. Thank you so much."

"Wonderful resource. Such a time saver!"

"Great resource! Has saved me hours of work in differentiating..."

"Thank you for this amazing bundle. As a new teacher, I am always looking for things that can help me to enhance my teaching. This is exactly what I am looking for"

“A great range of activities that covers the outcomes for Foundation students. Easy to prep and differentiate.”

“This is a fantastic resource, thanks so much for taking the time to make it. I love that all of the activities are age appropriate and aligned with the curriculum. Thanks so much :)!”

"So appreciate your time, expertise and creativity in producing this wonderful resource which I'm going to enjoy using with my students! Here's hoping more teachers take advantage of this offer asap! Many thanks!"

"This made programming for HASS easier! Loved the easy to follow and use activity sheets! Thank you!"

"So handy - saved me so much time!!! Awesome and I am looking forward to using it again in 2018!"

"Your package has added another dimension to my history programme."

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