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A great introduction to the study of places, this activity pack allows students to discover basic information about Australia, such as its location in the world, symbols, celebrations, food and more.


Inside this pack, you will find:

  • 4 x Fact Sheets in color and black & white on: food, landmarks, animals and celebrations
  • Data recording sheets
  • Spinner (with both UK 'What I have learnt...' and US 'What I have learned...')
  • Research sheet with website links
  • Worksheet: countries near Australia with map
  • Word Search
  • Large map
  • Flags in color and black & white
  • Banner flags for a classroom display
  • Color posters
  • Coloring pages

All about Australia

  • File Info

    PDF 73 pages

  • ACARA Alignment

    Aligns to the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) for Year 2 and 3 HASS:

    - The location of Australia’s neighbouring countries and the diverse characteristics of their places.

    - Days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia (including Australia Day, Anzac Day, and National Sorry Day) and the importance of symbols and emblems.

    - The way the world is represented in geographic divisions and the location of Australia in relation to these divisions.

    - The representation of Australia as states and territories and as Countries/Places of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; and major places in Australia, both natural and human.

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