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These hands-on alphabet activities are a fun way for students to learn about beginning sounds and words. Use the letter mats with one-on-one speech therapy or literacy centers or the coloring sheets as a fun way for students to demonstrate what they know. Comes with a matching Google Slides activity.



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Use in:

Literacy Centers

Small-Group Work



This easy to use pack contains:

  • A-Z mats (one letter per page) in full color
  • A-Z mats (one letter per page ) in black and white
  • Google Slides click and drag activity.

Beginning Sounds Search and Find Mats Digital and Print

  • File Info

    One page per letter of the alphabet in both colour and black & white plus Google Slides

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year Literacy

    • Using beginning concepts about print, sound–letter and word knowledge
    • Know some features of text organisation including page and screen layouts, alphabetical order, and different types of diagrams, for example, timelines
    • Recognise the letters of the alphabet and know there are lower and upper case letters

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