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Engage your students this ANZAC Day with these fun fast-finisher activities. Create a beautiful piece of artwork for HASS while completing some Maths practice! These 4 Colour and Solve sheets allow students to work on their addition and subtraction skills to 20 while creating a fun finished piece of ANZAC Day art for the classroom wall.


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SAVE 30% by buying ALL of my other ANZAC Day Resources in 1 Bundle!



  • 4 ANZAC Day black and white Solve and Colour sheets

ANZAC Day Colour by Code Math Addition and Subtraction

  • File Info

    PDF 4 Black and White Sheets

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year HASS

    the celebrations and commemorations of significant events shared with their families and others (AC9HSFK02)

    Foundation Year Maths

    represent practical situations involving addition, subtraction and quantification with physical and virtual materials and use counting or subitising strategies(AC9MFN05)

    Year 3 HASS

    significant events, symbols and emblems that are important to Australia’s identity and diversity, and how they are celebrated, commemorated or recognised in Australia, including Australia Day, Anzac Day, NAIDOC Week, National Sorry Day, Easter, Christmas, and other religious and cultural festivals (AC9HS3K02)

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