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Explore beginning alphabet sounds with these fun worksheets and hands-on sorting activities, including long and short vowel sounds. Each worksheet has a mouth shape required to make each sound and matching images to find that start with that sound. Sorting activities will allow you to check for student understanding and create fun, engaging literacy centers each day.


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Use in:

Literacy Centers

Small-Group Work



This easy to use pack contains:

  • Mouth shape vowel sound posters
  • Worksheets to find the image that matches the beginning sound plus mouth shape required (comes with and without a list of words to help you differentiate)
  • Large mouth shapes for long and short vowel sound words to create a fun sorting activity with matching images
  • Black & white sorting worksheets for long and short vowel sound sorts

Beginning Sounds Worksheets and Sorting Activities

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year English

    - Using beginning concepts about print, sound–letter and word knowledge
    - Recognise and name all upper and lower case letters (graphemes) and know the most common sound that each letter represents

  • File Info

    110 page PDF

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