Inside this pack, you will find all you need to engage your students in this celebration in China and across the world with lots of hands-on activities, posters, word walls and worksheets.

Inside this easy to use pack you will find:

  • 3 Full Colour Posters

  • 5 Word Wall Cards with definitions and pictures

  • Flip Book

  • Worksheets, Calendar and Map of China

  • Information Worksheets: Red Envelopes, Fireworks, Dragons, Lanterns

  • Number Fun Sheet

  • Make a Red Envelope Craft (instructions and templates) and Lucky Coins

  • Make a Chinese Lantern (instructions and template)

  • Chinese Fan Craft

  • Wall Display Craft

  • Word Search and answer sheet

Chinese New Year Pack

  • File Info

    Electronic Download

    File Type: 1 x PDF

    Number of pages: 36

    Suggested Year Levels: Foundation - Year 3

  • ACARA Alignment

    Year 3 History

    Celebrations and commemorations in places around the world, including those that are observed in Australia (for example, Christmas Day, Diwali, Easter, Hanukkah, the Moon Festival and Ramadan) (ACHASSK065)