Get your students writing in a real world and practical way and explore sequencing events with these engaging activities. Your students will have a wonderful time setting up and playing in their own classroom hospital, giving you the time to observe learning in action.

This easy-to-use packet includes:

  • Welcome to our Hospital – BW Poster

  • 2 x Hospital – Colour Posters

  • Emergency Waiting Room – BW Sign

  • Reception Area – BW Sign

  • Pharmacy – Colour Sign

  • 2 x Hospital Jobs – Colour Poster

  • X-Ray Machine – BW

  • Tablets are not candy! – Colour Poster

  • 14 x Shelf Signs – Colour

  • Eye Test – BW Poster

  • 28 x Vocabulary Cards/Labels – Colour

  • Prescription Sheets – BW

  • My Hospital Visit – Draw the sequence Worksheet

  • My Hospital Visit – Draw and write the sequence Worksheet

  • My Hospital Visit – Cut and Paste the sequence Worksheet

  • My Hospital Visit – cut and paste pictures

Aligned with Australian Curriculum for K-2:

- Present drama that communicates ideas, including stories from their community, to an audience

- Identify themselves as members of different groups, including their family, community and school, using simple statements, gestures and support materials

Dramatic Role Play Hospital

  • Electronic Download

    File Type: 2 x PDF (Zip file)

    Number of pages: 44

    Suggested Year Levels: Foundation - Year 1

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