This pack is a great introduction to fairy tale stories for early years students, covering the concepts of story structure and character traits. Colourful posters for your classroom wall, vocabulary cards and worksheets will help your students understand how stories are structured for meaning.


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  • Fairy Tales - Poster
  • Setting – Poster
  • Characters – Poster
  • Plot – Poster
  • Story Structure - Posters
  • My Story Journal – Flip Book
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Character Profile Sheets

Meets curriculum requirements for the Australian Curriculum for Year 1:
- re-enacting or retelling simple stories, episodes or interactions, using puppets, props, actions or gestures and modelled language
-making predictions about characters and plot from the cover and illustrations, and at various points in the text before reading on

Fairy Tale Story Structure and Character Traits Literacy Activities

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