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Farm animal posters are perfect for your classroom wall or just scroll through the images and play a guessing game with students to see if they know what the baby of that animal is called. These are real photographic images so students can really see what these farm animals look like, what they are called and what a baby of that animal is called.


20 photographic farm animals posters include:

  • sheep and lamb

  • cow and calf

  • pig and piglet

  • horse and foal

  • goat and kid

  • dog and puppy

  • cat and kitten

  • duck and duckling

  • goose and gosling

  • chicken and chick


Aligns with the Australian Curriculum

Foundation and Year 1 English

- Writing and exploring everyday terms, naming and labeling

Foundation and Year 1 Science

- Animal features and names

Foundation and Year 1 HASS

- Naming locations and their features

Farm Animal Posters

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    PDF(6 MB|24 pages)

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