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Explore vocabulary with young learners and EAL/D students with these fun farm animal puzzles. Match the animal to the word, make the word or create a picture of an animal with these puzzles. Great hands-on activities for young students to play with while learning.


Inside this easy-to-use pack you will find:

  • Adult and Baby Puzzle x 2 (colour & black and white)

duck/duckling, cow/calf, sheep/lamb, pig/piglet

  • Farm Animal Worksheets: match the name to the picture x 12

duck, cow, sheep, pig, rooster, turkey, farmer, beekeeper, cat, dog, donkey, goat, barn, tractor, fence, boots, goose, hen, horse, rabbit, hoe, fork, spade, wheel barrow (colour & black and white)

  • Farm Animal: word puzzle

bee, hen, cat, dog, pig, cow

  • Farm Animal: picture puzzles

pig, lamb, rabbit, goat, rooster


Aligns with the Australian Curriculum

Foundation and Year 1 English

- Writing and exploring everyday terms, naming and labelling

Foundation and Year 1 Science

- Animal features and names

Foundation and Year 1 HASS

- Naming locations and their features

Farm Animals Puzzles

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    PDF(4 MB|26 pages)

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