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These slides will guide students through the term 'constructed spaces' as it applies to geography. By taking your whole class through each slide you will allow students a fantastic opportunity to pose questions about what makes a place constructed while stimulating a whole class discussion.


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Contained in this download are:

  • PowerPoint so you can show slides to the whole class
  • PDF Printable with student workbook to match slides

Geography Story Constructed Spaces

  • File Info

    Zip File: PowerPoint and PDF (12 MB|20 pages each)

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year Geography

    The places people live in and belong to, their familiar features and why they are important to people (ACHASSK015)

    The reasons why some places are special to people, and how they can be looked after (ACHASSK017)

    Year 1 Geography

    Activities in the local place and reasons for their location (ACHASSK033)

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