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Celebrate Harmony Day (21st March) while reinforcing important math skills with these Color by Code Worksheets with diverse cultural images to celebrate this special day. These engaging worksheets combine the fun of colouring with the challenge of solving simple addition and subtraction problems. Perfect for First Grade or Second Grade students.


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This easy-to-use pack contains 10 worksheets covering the following maths problems:

  • Single-digit Addition to 10
  • Addition to 20 – counting on from 10
  • Doubles addition to 20
  • Single-digit subtraction to 10
  • Subtraction to 20

Harmony Day Colour by Code

  • File info

    PDF 10 Worksheets [with UK and US spelling in colour and black & white]

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation to Year 3 HASS:

    Geography: identifying countries in the world and their connections to them and exploring celebrations and commemorations.

    History - cultural celebrations.

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