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Guide your students through patterning AB, ABB, AAB, and ABC repeating patterns during your math lessons with these handy play doh mats. Perfect for Kindergarten or First Grade students, these mats will allow your students to practice identifying and making repeating patterns in a hands-on way.


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In this pack, you will find 20 mats covering:


➡️ Objects (fruit, vegetables and other objects)

➡️ Shapes (square, triangle, circle, oval, rectangle, heart, hexagon etc)

➡️ Play Doh shapes of different colours

Kindergarten and First Grade Patterning Play Doh Mats

  • File Info

    20 Mats PDF

  • ACARA Alignment


    Foundation Year Maths - Algebra


    recognise, copy and continue repeating patterns represented in different ways

    • Recognising, copying and describing different repeating patterns using materials, shapes, sounds and movements during activities and play; for example, making a bead necklace and describing the pattern they have created, such as, “red, blue, green, red, blue, green, red, blue green”; copying repeating patterns of drumbeats or dance moves during music activities.
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