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These handy PowerPoint slides guide your students through patterning AB, ABB, AAB, and ABC repeating patterns during your math lessons. Perfect for Kindergarten or First-grade students, these slides will help your students practice identifying repeating patterns and are perfect for an introduction to repeating patterns.


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In this pack, you will find 19 slides covering:


➡️ What is a repeating pattern?

➡️ Caterpillar repeating patterns

➡️ Fish repeating patterns

➡️ Butterfly repeating patterns



You may also enjoy the Google Slides Patterning pack with moveable pieces.

Kindergarten and First Grade Patterning PowerPoint

  • File Info

    19 Slides

  • ACARA Alignment


    Foundation Year Maths - Algebra


    recognise, copy and continue repeating patterns represented in different ways

    • Recognising, copying and describing different repeating patterns using materials, shapes, sounds and movements during activities and play; for example, making a bead necklace and describing the pattern they have created, such as, “red, blue, green, red, blue, green, red, blue green”; copying repeating patterns of drumbeats or dance moves during music activities.
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