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Are you looking for a way to let students practice the skill of sequencing numbers from 0-120? This clear and concise pack of math flash cards are the perfect addition to your math centre activities. Let students lay out the flash cards in the correct sequence or complete the missing numbers in order.


This pack comes with colorful numbers to engage little learners and two options for numbers only or words with numbers.


In addition, I have included 11 cards with fun finger-counting options for number 0-10


Contained in this pack, you will find (color only):


  • 121 Number only flash cards (numbers 0-120)
  • 121 Number AND word flash cards (numbers 0-120)
  • 11 Number AND fingers flash cards (numbers 0-10)

Math Flash Cards Number Sense and Sequencing 0-120

  • File Info

    70 colour pages PDF

  • ACARA Alignment


    Year 1 - Number

    recognise, represent and order numbers to at least 120 using physical and virtual materials, numerals, number lines and charts (AC9M1N01)

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