These worksheets make great maths warm ups for your students. Select a number of the day and work with students through the activities and word problems. The first sheet in this set is a blank sheet for you to use with any number you would like.


This no-prep-pack contains:

  • Number 1 – allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the number one through drawing.

  • Numbers 2 – 5 introduces the part part whole strategy.

  • Numbers 6 – 20 moves on to maths word problems and applying the part part whole strategy to work out the answer. Some of the word problems throw in a simple ‘red-herring’ to introduce students to more complex maths problems.


This pack allows for differentiation with students and the ability to return again and again to early number work problems.


Aligns with Foundation Year and Year 1 Australian Curriculum (ACARA):

-sharing a collection of readily available materials into two equal portions

-splitting an object into two equal pieces and describing how the pieces are equal

Maths Problem Solving Number of the Day

  • Electronic Download

    File Type: 1 x PDF

    Number of pages: 21

    Suggested Year Level: Grades 1 - 3

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