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Use these 18 Math Word Problems to explore the part-part whole concept with your second-grade students. Complete with a lesson plan and matching PowerPoint, you can guide students through each word problem, modelling how to solve these maths problems.


This easy-to-use, best-selling packet includes:

  • 18 Part Part Whole math word problem worksheets covering cut and paste, draw it out and moving towards writing the sum. Enough material to allow you to differentiate easily in your classroom.
  • Matching PowerPoint so you can display the problem on the whiteboard and work through it altogether.
  • Lesson plan so you have an instant no prep lesson ready to go!


It comes with an instructional sheet explaining the key teaching points so students can see the problem, understand key maths vocabulary and understand how to use the part-part whole strategy.


See why teachers love this pack...


"Great pack of part-part-whole word problems. Excellent way to teach and slowly allow the students to solve it on their own."


"I like that this gives students a work space to draw a picture model of the problem."


"I put these in pocket protectors and use them during centers!"


"This provides a nice amount of support for problem solving. I especially appreciate the differentiation in this packet."


"Love these. Great problems and work space for the kids. I laminated these and put them in a center."

2nd Grade Math Word Problems Part Part Whole Worksheets and PowerPoint

  • File Info

    18 Worksheets, 1 Lesson Plan (PDF) & 1 PowerPoint

  • ACARA Alignment 8.4

    Year 1 Maths:

    Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies including counting on, partitioning and rearranging parts (ACMNA015)

    Year 2 Maths:

    Solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies (ACMNA030)

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