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This handy little booklet and a matching PowerPoint will guide your students through what maps are. Your students will love completing their own mini-book about maps, and the PowerPoint will guide you through the booklet creating a smooth Geography lesson and introduction to maps.


This easy-to-use packet includes definitions and explanations on:

  • Title page
  • What is a map?
  • What is a globe?
  • What are the different types of maps?
  • What is a birds-eye view?
  • What is street view?
  • Why do we use maps?
  • How do maps help us? (two pages of examples)
  • Who uses maps?
  • What are map symbols?
  • What is a compass?
  • What are cardinal directions? (two pages)
  • Let's make a map! (individual activity)


You can also purchase this product on Teachers Pay Teachers

Map Skills I My Book About Maps I Mapping with matching PowerPoint

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    PDF & PowerPoint zipped

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