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These number craft activities are perfect for little fingers. Easy to cut and assemble, students will love tracing their finger over the number and using some one-to-one correspondence to demonstrate their understanding of quantities. When completed these make a wonderful learning wall display in any classroom.


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This easy-to-use pack contains:

  • Number craft sheets for 0-10 in full size and half size


Number Craft Activities

  • File Info

    PDF(7 MB|37 pages)

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year Maths:

    Establish understanding of the language and processes of counting by naming numbers in sequences, initially to and from 20, moving from  any starting point (ACMNA001)

    Connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, initially up to 10 and then beyond (ACMNA002)

    Compare, order and make correspondences between collections, initially to 20, and explain reasoning (ACMNA289)

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