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Help your students learn what an ordinal number is and how to sequence ordinal numbers with this handy activity pack. Perfect for your next Kindergarten or First Grade Maths lesson, you'll find everything you need to teach ordinal numbers 0-20 with math centre activities, worksheets, a PowerPoint to guide students and a lesson plan ready to go.


You can also find some of these activities in the Foundation Year Maths: Number - Name, Represent and Order Numbers Pack.


Contained in this pack, you will find:

➡️1 Lesson Plan

➡️1 PowerPoint on what an ordinal number is that you can use as a whole class for an introduction to topics or as revision before the start of each lesson

➡️ 4 different hands-on printable activities you can use to teach the lesson and as reinforcement activities for math centres in subsequent lessons

➡️ 11 worksheets

Ordinal Number Activities Lesson Plan and PowerPoint

  • File Info

    1 x PDF (36 pages) & 1 x PPT

  • ACARA Alignment


    Foundation Year Maths - Number


    name, represent and order numbers including zero to at least 20, using physical and virtual materials and numerals

    • understanding and using terms such as "first", "second", "third", ... "fifth" ... to indicate ordinal position in a sequence; for example, creating a number track using cards with the numerals zero and 20 and describing positions using terms such as first, last, before, after, between
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