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Welcome to the exciting world of plants! In this engaging activity, children will dive into the fascinating realm of plants and explore their various parts. This comprehensive activity pack provides hands-on learning experiences and promotes a deeper understanding of plant anatomy.


Inside this pack you will find:


Play Dough Mats

The activity begins with colourful play dough mats, where children can create different plant parts, such as roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. This tactile experience enhances their fine motor skills while reinforcing the concept of each plant part.


Flower Craft

Next, children will embark on a creative journey as they construct their flower craft. They will assemble a beautiful flower with provided materials, showcasing the different parts they have learned about.


Fact Sheets

Information sheets are included to further expand their knowledge, offering interesting plant facts. These sheets can be used for reading comprehension exercises or as a reference for further exploration.


Cut and Paste Labelling Activities

The labelling activities provide interactive learning opportunities, as children cut out labels and paste them onto corresponding plant parts. This activity reinforces their understanding of plant anatomy and encourages visual recognition and association skills.


Matching Activities

The photograph and vocabulary match activity features vivid images of plants and their various parts. Children will match the corresponding vocabulary words to the appropriate plant part, deepening their understanding of the terminology.


Vocabulary for your Science wall

Vocabulary cards are also included, perfect for creating a captivating word wall in the classroom. These visually appealing cards display the plant part name and a corresponding image, helping to reinforce vocabulary retention.


Jigsaw and Word Search

These activities make wonderful fast-finisher tasks to keep students on-task and learning while waiting for other students to catch up.


Mini Book

Lastly, a mini flip book wraps up the activity, allowing children to review what they have learned in a fun and interactive format. This compact booklet can be taken home for continued learning and revision.



Also includes UK and US spelling variations.

Parts of the Plant Activities

  • ACARA Alignment


    Foundation Year Science:

    • Observe external features of plants and animals and describe ways they can be grouped based on these features
    • Observing fruit and vegetables and identifying them as part of plants such as roots, flowers, fruits or leaves.
  • File Info

    PDF 37 pages

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