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This pack contains a fun geography activity that students love - mapping their own pirate island! This social studies activity makes a great geography lesson. It's also a fantastic way to build upon ordinal directions and early mapping skills.


This easy-to-use packet includes:

  • Teacher Instructions
  • Geographic features (natural and built environment)
  • Bird's eye view information
  • Map keys and cardinal directions activities
  • Recording geographic features of Pirate Island
  • Writing ordinal directions to a hidden treasure map on Pirate Island
  • Students brochure of Treasure Island - their own pirate map designed by them with a key and directions to hidden treasure.


Also comes with an 11 page whole-class PowerPoint you can use to guide students through the lesson.


You can also purchase this product on Teachers Pay Teachers

Pirate Mapping Activity Geography Map Making

  • File Info

    PDF & PowerPoint 42 pages zipped file

  • ACARA Alignment


    Location and transformation

    • Describe position and movement (ACMMG010)

    • interpreting the everyday language of location and direction, such as ‘between’, ‘near’, ‘next to’, ‘forward’, ‘toward’.

    • following and giving simple directions to guide a friend around an obstacle path and vice versa.

    YEAR 1 – Maths

    Location and transformation

    • give and follow directions to familiar locations

    • understanding that people need to give and follow directions to and from a place, and that this involves turns, direction and distance.

    • understanding the meaning and importance of words such as ‘clockwise’, ‘anticlockwise’, ‘forward’ and ‘under’ when giving and following directions.

    • interpreting and following directions around familiar locations.

    YEAR 1 – HASS

    •They represent the location of different places and their features on labelled maps and present findings in a range of texts and use everyday language to describe direction and location.

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