This little flipbook is super easy to put together and perfect for early years students to explore Remembrance Day including what it is when it is commemorated, why it is commemorated, who commemorates it and how it is typically commemorated in Australia.


Remembrance Day Flip Book Australia

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  • ACARA Alignment

    Year 3 HASS

    • Celebrations and commemorations in places around the world (for example, Chinese New Year in countries of the Asiaregion, Bastille Day in France, Independence Day in the USA), including those that are observed in Australia (for example, Christmas Day, Diwali, Easter, Hanukkah, the Moon Festival and Ramadan) (ACHASSK065).
    • Days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia (including Australia Day, Anzac Day, and National Sorry Day) and the importance of symbols and emblems (ACHASSK064)