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If you want to save time on your Science planning this year, you can't go past this thorough pack of resources, lesson plans and a ready-made assessment to make your Year 1 Science - Earth and Space Sciences lessons go smoothly.


Closely aligned to the new Australian Curriculum 9.0, these lessons will guide your students through each knowledge and understanding and unpack the skills required for each elaboration - saving you so much time!


Unlike some resource packs sold online, these packs cover every single ACARA Science Understanding & Science as a Human Endeavour elaboration, so there are no empty spaces in your curriculum coverage!




See why teachers love this pack:

"Excellent resource"

"Great resource"

This easy-to-use, best-selling packet includes:

  • 7 Lesson Plans
  • PowerPoints to match lessons
  • Assessment piece
  • Editable marking guide
  • Vocabulary cards for your word wall
  • Numerous hands-on Activities
  • Worksheets and Homework Ideas



1. What is weather?

2. How can we observe changes in the weather?

3. How does the weather affect plants and animals?

4. How does the weather affect humans?

5. How can we dress for different weather conditions?

6. How do First Nations Australians use their knowledge of seasonal changes to prepare for weather changes?

7. How does First Nations Australians’ concept of time and weather help them to explain how things happen around the world?

8. Assessment

Year 1 Science Earth and Space Sciences Australian Curriculum 9.0

  • File Info

    Zipped file (59 page PDF + 2 PowerPoints + Assessment Rubric

  • ACARA Alignment

    Year 1 Science - Earth and Space Sciences

    describe daily and seasonal changes in the environment and explore how these changes affect everyday life (AC9S1U02)

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