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Your K-2 students will love learning the Scientific Method with these handy activities. Learning the sequencing and thinking behind the scientific process in child-friendly terms will help your students to apply scientific thinking to their classroom Science lesson activities.


Contains both US and UK spelling variations.

Inside this pack you will find:

  • 6 colour posters on the Scientific Method in child-friendly language...
    • Step One: Ask a question
    • Step Two: Gather Information
    • Step Three: Guess the answer
    • Step Four: Experiment
    • Step Five: Analyse your test results
    • Step Six: Present a conclusion
  • 6 Black and white colouring pages to match
  • Colour and black and white steps to sequence
  • The Scientific Method mini book
  • Vocabulary cut and paste sorting activity (allowing you to explore tier-two words such as 'hypothesis' and 'analyse' and extend your students)

Scientific Method Posters Colouring Pages and Mini Book

  • File Info

    PDF 45 pages

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year Science 9.0

    share questions, predictions, observations and ideas with others (AC9SFI05)

    Year One Science 9.0

    describe how people use science in their daily lives, including using patterns to make scientific predictions (AC9S1H01)

    Year Two Science 9.0

    write and create texts to communicate observations, findings and ideas, using everyday and scientific vocabulary (AC9S2I06)

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