Teaching the seasons has never been easier! This pack contains seasonal posters and activities for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres - so you can tailor this product to suit your students' needs easily. The range of activities will help you introduce terms and assess understanding of what the seasons are and how we know there have been changes in the seasons.


This easy-to-use packet includes:

  • Names Posters (Northern & Southern Hemispheres)

  • Trees Posters

  • Spinners: symbols, clothes & trees (in colour & black and white)

  • Sort cards for sorting by summer, winter, sprint or autumn/fall

  • Dress Me dolls and clothes

  • Worksheets (cut & paste plus drawing and labelling)

  • Teacher instructions for each activity

Seasons Pack

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    Electronic Download

    File Type: 1 x PDF

    Number of pages: 60

    Suggested Year Level: Year 1