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This set of Sight Word Coloring Pages is perfect for your literacy centers! Each page has a list of similar sight words to see if your student can read and find the correct sight word and color it in. There are 8 different Spring-themed coloring pages inside this pack with 46 sight words included.


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Pictures include: bunny, egg, flower, frog, bug, rainbow, shamrock and umbrella


Contains both UK and US spelling variations.

Comes with color answer key.


Included in this no-prep pack are:

8 Different Sight Word Coloring Sheets - sight words included are: and, at, are, as, but, be, by, can, could, called, come, came, did, do, down, first, for, find, has, have, had, how, is, it, if, my, made, make, more, most, may, or, one, of, out, on, other, over, the, to, they, this, there, them, then, these, two, time, than, that, their.


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Spring Sight Word Coloring Activities No Prep

  • File Info

    PDF [8 sheets] 38 pages

  • ACARA Alignment

    Aligned with ACARA Foundation Year

    Know how to read and write some high-frequency words and other familiar words

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