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Develop your students' vocabulary with this fun Summer bingo game. Use as a traditional bingo game or extend students with a vocabulary activity by getting students to describe the object, place or animal and list its features. An excellent activity for building visual comprehension and solidifying reading skills.


This easy-to-use pack includes:

  • 6 x Bingo cards with 24 different objects or words for summer-related things
  • 6 x Black & white bingo cards for students to decorate
  • 24 Calling cards
  • Instructions


Aligns with the Australian Curriculum Foundation and Year 1 English/HASS

  • Writing and exploring everyday terms, naming and labelling
  • identifying places they consider to be ‘special’ (for example, their room, a play area, holiday location or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander place of family significance) and explaining why the place is special to them
  • describing the features of places that are special to them based on what they see, hear, smell and feel

Summer Bingo Game

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