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An easy Christmas writing activity to help your students increase their vocabulary.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

This activity will reinforce or extend your students’ vocabulary and is a fun hands-on way to lead up to Christmas break.

Firstly, print the template (non-subscribers can subscribe here to get a copy for free plus instant access to the freebie library) and discuss the words listed that can be used to describe a Christmas tree.

See if your students can brainstorm other words or preselect other words that might be easier for your students (remember, if a 5-year-old can learn the word for Tyrannosaurus Rex, your students can extend their vocabulary easily!).

Get students to select one strip of words from the list (so they have a word from each column in their sample).

Cut the tree out and the writing lines.

Students can then colour in the tree with different shades of the same colour (if they don’t have more than two shades get them to press harder or lighter to create other shades).

Once coloured, get students to select 4 of the best words to describe a Christmas tree (if they don’t celebrate Christmas, let them consider any tree in the school playground). Get them to stick four of the words on the tree and then use those words to write a sentence.

You may want students to practice their sentence in their workbook until they have the correct spelling and punctuation.

Mount the sentence under the tree!

Voila! Christmas writing activity done AND you were on-task working within the curriculum plus you got a Christmas activity in to boot!

Christmas Tree Writing Activity to help students extend their vocabulary. This quick and easy lesson will help extend and build their literacy and writing skills. #techteacherpto3 #blogpost #teacherblog #blog #teaching #writing #christmas

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