Easy Halloween Egg Carton & Plate Craft

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I'm reasonably 'craft-challenged' but I thought I'd have a go at making some Halloween craft this year and knowing we have a LOT of egg cartons and paper plates sitting around, I wanted to make use of them. I'd also thought I'd report back about which ones were the easiest to make!

What you will need:

- thick acrylic paint (don't skimp on this because the cartons absorb the paint and if you want a nice bright/strong colour you'll need many coats of paint if you don't use a good quality thick acrylic paint)

- egg cartons (try and use the light coloured ones rather than the blue/green ones as this will stop the colour showing through)

- paper plates

- pipe cleaners in different colours

- scissors

- felt pens

- black fine-point marker


Egg Carton Frankenstein and Skull

These were easy to make but a little harder to decorate. If you are attempting these with children I would recommend painting in one session and then on the day you want to decorate them, draw the lines on in pencil for the children to trace with black markers. Use glue or tape to keep the mouth closed or attach at the back to make the mouth open and close. Rating: Medium/Hard


Pumpkin egg cartons

These were super easy to put together. Paint (as you can see took a few coats), put a hole in the top and push a pipe cleaner through the top. Rating: Easy


Egg carton craft spiders

Like the pumpkins, these were easy to make but really effective looking. Paint, make holes on either side (3 on each - this is the part which is a little tricky) and push a pipe cleaner from one side right through to the other. I happened to have pipe cleaners that were pointed at the end and I think that made the legs look more realistic. Cut the pipe cleaners to the right size you want for the legs. You could stick google eyes on them to make them more fun. Rating: Easy


Paper bats and ghosts

These were a little difficult to cut, not because the shape was hard to get but the carton was thick at some points and it required some pressure to cut. You will definitely need to cut these before kids get near them but, once cut, they are so easy to paint kids can do it. Once dry either stick some google eyes on or draw some eyes. Punch holes through them and hang them from the ceiling or string them on a line. Rating: Easy/Medium


Pumpkin Paper Plate

Draw a circle and stem on a paper plate (just where it starts to rise up on the sides) and remove the edge. Then draw eyes, nose and mouth in pencil. You can use felt pens or paint to decorate. Attach to windows or hang from the ceiling. If you do the basics of cutting and drawing before kids get near them to paint or decorate, they are very easy. Rating: Easy

Halloween egg carton and paper plate craft.

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