How to make Rainbow Rice with three simple ingredients

Updated: Mar 3

Rainbow rice is the perfect sensory tool to have on hand for any early years classroom.

Make up these bottles of coloured rice and store for some provocations or pure sensory play and your students will be busy for hours!

This rainbow rice is SO EASY to make.

Just three ingredients.

  • any type of rice (I tired Arborio and plain rice both worked fine)

  • food colouring (any colour you have handy)

  • white vinegar

Firstly, place one cup of rice into a zip-locked bag.

Add two drops of food colouring (for lighter colours add one drop) and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar.

Then zip the bag up and smoosh it around. This is a fun activity for little ones to help with. Keep mixing the rice through the food colouring and vinegar till all the rice is the same colour.

Do the same with any other colours you want to make up.

Then open the bag and place the rice on some baking paper on a tray to dry. Be sure to spread it out thinly so it dries well. I left mine out overnight to be sure it was all dry.

When dry you can place the coloured rice in bottles to keep them safe.

So pretty!

Use for any type of activity (green makes excellent grass by the way!)

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