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This fun activity will help your students identify and name the features of animals in a fun scavenger hunt activity. Using QR codes, students will embark on an exciting journey to find and identify different animals, recording their unique features.


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Perfect for Kindergarten and First Grade science lessons, this activity will keep your students engaged and excited to learn.


With six colourful task cards and black-and-white options for easy printing, this pack includes everything you need to get started. Simply scan the QR code on each card using a device such as an iPad or tablet, and let your students explore the animal's photograph to record its features on their worksheet.


To use these cards, you will need access to a QR code scanner (freely available from any app store) and a device such as an iPad, iPhone or tablet.


Whether you're looking for a fun activity to supplement your existing science curriculum or create a memorable experience for your students, our scavenger hunt is the perfect hands-on activity for exploring animal characteristics and features. So what are you waiting for? Let the scavenger hunt begin!


Included in this pack are:

  • 6 QR Code Task Cards (in colour and black & white options for ease of printing)
  • Recording sheets (with answer sheet options)

Animal Features Characteristics QR Code Scavenger Hunt

  • File Info

    PDF(4 MB|19 pages)

  • ACARA Alignment 9.0

    Foundation Year Biological Sciences:

    observe external features of plants and animals and describe ways they can be grouped based on these features (AC9SFU01)

    Year 1 Biological Sciences:

    identify the basic needs of plants and animals, including air, water, food or shelter, and describe how the places they live meet those needs (AC9S1U01)

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