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This comprehensive Animal Bundle offers a variety of resources, including PowerPoint presentations, cut-and-paste features, bingo cards, colouring pages, task cards, information sheets, Play-Doh mats, features sort, habitat dioramas, and a QR code scavenger hunt. All designed to help your little Science learner explore animal features and characteristics.


Included in this pack are:


Animal Information Sheets

These black-and-white Informative Sheets are the perfect companion for young learners as they explore the fascinating world of animals. Each sheet features a different animal, carefully selected to capture children's curiosity and expand their knowledge.


PowerPoint presentations

These PowerPoints provide dynamic visual aids to captivate young minds, delivering fascinating facts about different animals and their unique features.


Cut-and-Paste Animal Features activity

Students can actively participate in hands-on learning with the cut-and-paste features, where they can match and assemble animal features, reinforcing their understanding of various traits.


Bingo Cards Game

Bingo cards offer an entertaining twist to learning, allowing students to identify animal features while playing a fun and interactive game.


Colouring Pages

These pages provide a creative outlet where children can express themselves while bringing their favourite animals to life with vivid colours.


Task and Fact Cards

These cards present stimulating challenges, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students will delve deeper into animal features through information sheets, expanding their knowledge and understanding of diverse species.


Play-Doh Mats

The Play-Doh mats offer a tactile experience, allowing children to shape Play-Doh to replicate animal features, fostering sensory learning and developing fine motor skills.


Animal Features sort

The features sort activity enhances cognitive abilities as students organise and group different animal features based on specific criteria.


Animal Habitat Diorama

Creating a habitat diorama provides an immersive experience where students can construct miniature ecosystems and place animals in their respective environments, deepening their understanding of how features relate to habitat. Includes fact sheets and lots of hands-on activities to display research


QR code Scavenger Hunt

This activity adds an exciting technological element, where students can scan QR codes to access additional information about animal features, enhancing their research skills and digital literacy.


Animal Flash Cards

With this set of vibrant flashcards, children will embark on an exciting journey of matching 13 diverse animal habitats, 3 types of food eaten by animals, and 12 fascinating animal features. Mix and match to find the correct combination.


Animal Habitats - Rainforest

This pack offers engaging science lessons and resources on animal habitats, specifically rainforests. Explore this vibrant ecosystem through activities such as rainforest layers, research brochures, QR codes, and a rainforest habitat map. Foster curiosity and understanding with posters, vocabulary cards, and real photographs.


Animal Habitat - Reef

This pack of resources provides an engaging learning experience, combining hands-on activities with informative materials to enhance children's understanding of the reef ecosystem as an animal habitat. Includes fact sheets, research display material and a diorama.

SAVE 30% Animal Bundle with features characteristics and habitats

  • ACARA Alignment 9.0

    Foundation Year Biological Sciences:

    observe external features of plants and animals and describe ways they can be grouped based on these features (AC9SFU01)

    Year 1 Biological Sciences:
    identify the basic needs of plants and animals, including air, water, food or shelter, and describe how the places they live meet those needs (AC9S1U01)

  • File Info

    200 + pages PDF and PowerPoints

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