Contained in this pack are hands-on engaging resources to help your students understand animal habitats, in particular, the Rainforest biome. All vocabulary cards and definition posters have student-friendly definitions. The QR codes and website links will help your students research the rainforest and present their findings in the brochures enclosed.


This easy-to-use packet includes:

  • Teaching instructions and lesson suggestions
  • 16 x Vocabulary Cards
  • Posters with illustrations, real photographs and black and white pages
  • RAINFOREST lettering for your word wall/display
  • Animal cards for your wall display
  • Research Texts: insects, reptiles & amphibians, mammals, Around the world
  • Activities: layers of the rainforest (with companion URL research links)
  • Research QR Codes for rainforest creatures: Blue Morpho Butterfly, Leopard, Howler Monkey, Macaw Parrot, Red Eyed Tree Frog, and Sloth
  • Research brochures for students to complete for each creature
  • Rainforest Habitat map activity


Aligned to the ACARA Year 1, 4

  • Living things have basic needs, including food and water (ACSSU002)
  • recognising the needs of living things in a range of situations such as pets at home, plants in the garden and animals in bushland
  • comparing the needs of plants and animals
  • Living things have a variety of external features (ACSSU017)
  • Living things live in different places where their needs are met (ACSSU211)
  • exploring how vegetation has an important role in sustaining the environment by producing oxygen, protecting food-producing land from erosion, retaining rainfall, providing habitat for animals, sheltering crops and livestock, providing shade for people, cooling urban places, producing medicines, wood and fibre, and making places appear more attractive
  • exploring strategies to protect particular environments that provide the habitats for animals (for example, planting bird-attracting vegetation)

Animal Habitats The Rainforest Biome

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