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Help your students discover the Rainforest Habitat and its animals. This pack offers engaging science lesson ideas and resources on animal habitats, specifically rainforests. Explore this vibrant ecosystem through activities such as rainforest layers, research brochures, QR codes, and a rainforest habitat map. Foster curiosity and understanding with posters, vocabulary cards, and real photographs.


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Vocabulary Cards

The pack includes 16 Vocabulary Cards, allowing students to build their scientific vocabulary while learning key terms related to rainforest habitats.



With the included "RAINFOREST" lettering, you can create an eye-catching word wall or display, showcasing rainforest-themed words and inspiring curiosity.


Animal Cards with QR Codes

The Animal Cards further enhance the display, featuring various rainforest creatures, sparking interest and encouraging further exploration.


Research Texts

Our Research Texts provide students with valuable information on insects, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. These texts are excellent resources for independent reading, group discussions, or whole-class instruction. Blue Morpho Butterfly, Leopard, Howler Monkey, Macaw Parrot, Red Eyed Tree Frog, and Sloth are included.


Rainforest Layers Activity

Build layers of the rainforest with this cut-and-paste activity. Accompanied by companion URL research links, students can delve deeper into each layer, discovering the diverse plant and animal species that inhabit them.


Research Brochures

The Research Brochures empower students to become researchers themselves. They can complete these brochures, gathering information and illustrating facts about each rainforest creature, fostering creativity, writing skills, and content knowledge.


Teachers Say:

"My students and I loved this resource, very thorough. Thank you

"Great resource and easy to use!"

"Still using it. I like the animal brochures, so cute. My students like using this resource, and it is easy for me to use and integrate in my lessons."

Animal Habitats The Rainforest Biome

  • File Info

    PDF 58 pages

  • ACARA Alignment 9.0

    Foundation Year Biological Sciences:

    observe external features of plants and animals and describe ways they can be grouped based on these features (AC9SFU01)

    Year 1 Biological Sciences:

    identify the basic needs of plants and animals, including air, water, food or shelter, and describe how the places they live meet those needs (AC9S1U01)


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