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This Animal Sort pack is an exciting learning tool for K-2 students in your next Science lesson. With its vibrant real animal photographs, this sorting game will captivate and engage your Science students while teaching them about the unique features of various animals.


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This sorting activity encourages children to develop observational and analytical skills by sorting animals based on their distinctive features. They will sort animals by features such as wings, number of legs, scales and more. By arranging the cards into the correct groups, students will reinforce their understanding of the characteristics that make each animal special.


Included in this pack are:

  • 12 Sorting Cards
  • 54 Photographs of animals to sort
  • Bonus 2 page black and white sort of animal features!

Animal Features Sort

  • ACARA Alignment 9.0

    Foundation Year Biological Sciences:

    observe external features of plants and animals and describe ways they can be grouped based on these features (AC9SFU01)

    Year 1 Biological Sciences:
    identify the basic needs of plants and animals, including air, water, food or shelter, and describe how the places they live meet those needs (AC9S1U01)

  • File Info

    26 pages PDF

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