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This mapping pack will help your students understand what the Australian states and territories are and where the capitals are located. Students can use the hands-on activities to click and drag the names of the states, territories and capitals. There are also information slides on climate with short answer typing required.


Included in this pack are 8 Google Slides:

  • locate countries near Australia short answer typing
  • click and drag state and territory names on the map
  • click and drag capitals on the map
  • information slides
  • click and drag the hemispheres near Australia
  • climate map short answer typing


Please watch the video to see how this product works.


If you enjoyed this product you may also enjoy the Boom Card version here and the Printable & Slides PowerPoint here.

Australia Mapping States Territories and Capitals Google Slides

  • File Info

    PDF (3 MB|8 pages)

  • ACARA Alignment

    Year 2 HASS Geography:

    - The representation of Australia as states and territories and as Countries/Places of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; and major places in Australia, both natural and human (ACHASSK066)


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