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These classroom rules posters work as visual reminders to help your students make good choices in the classroom and are perfect for kindergarten or first grade students. Place the posters around key areas of your room such as doors, windows and areas where children sit, to prompt students to follow the rules and expectations of the classroom and keep your classroom running smoothly.


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Included in this easy to use pack are:

* 15 Posters...

>>> In this class we...

  • are kind
  • clean up
  • keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • raise our hands
  • work quietly
  • line up quietly
  • say 'please' and 'thank you'
  • try our hardest
  • respect opinions
  • think before speaking
  • listen to instructions
  • have walking feet
  • have still feet
  • have caring hearts
  • still hands


* 1 x Visual Poster on how to show you are listening (b&w and colour)

* 1 x 'Classroom Rules' Sign

* 2 x Worksheets on classroom rules

Classroom Rules Posters and Activities

  • PDF

    PDF (7 MB|36 pages)

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