These posters work as visual reminders to help your students work in centers safely and correctly. Place the posters around key areas of your classroom where centers are undertaken to prompt students to do the right thing and keep your classroom running smoothly. Perfect for first or second grade literacy or math rotations. Posters come in large and small sizes and both UK (centres) and US (center) spellings and now the term Groups too.


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Included in this easy to use pack are:

  • 10 colour posters with playground rules
  • Checklist of ways work in centers correctly
  • 2 x center rules worksheets
  • Comes with the words 'center', 'centre' and 'groups'


If you do not see a rule you would like added, please contact me.

Classroom Rules Posters Centers (Centres & Groups)

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    PDF (9 MB|45 pages)