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These playground rules posters work as visual reminders to help your students play safely in the playground. Place the posters around key areas of your playground such as slides, waiting areas, seating and other areas to prompt students to do the right thing and keep your playground running smoothly. Posters come in large and small sizes.


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Posters included in this pack are:

  • Looking for a friend? Take a seat. (for your friendship bench)

>>>Playground Rules

  • Slide down the slide.
  • Help others if they are hurt. Get a teacher.
  • Play gently together. Includes others.
  • Help to clean up after play has finished.
  • Share the toys.
  • Line up and wait for the teacher.
  • No hat, no play.

>>> Playground Rules Checklist

>>> Playground Rules Worksheets

Playground Rules - Classroom School Expectations of Behaviour

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