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Contained in this bundle is EVERYTHING you need to teach Year 2 Geography and History to meet the latest Australian Curriculum Standards (ACARA). Activities, posters, slides and printables to engage your students and work your way through the ACARA requirements.


Unlike some resource packs sold online, these packs cover every single ACARA Knowledge and understanding elaboration, so there are no empty spaces in your curriculum coverage!


This bundle consists of the following products:

SAVE 30% Year 2 HASS Bundle: Geography & History 9.0

  • File Info

    Zip File: PDFs and PowerPoints over 300 pages


  • ACARA Alignment




    how places can be spatially represented in geographical divisions from local to regional to state/territory, and how people and places are interconnected across those scales


    the interconnections of Australian First Nations Peoples to a local Country/Place

    Year 2 History


    a local individual, group, place or building and the reasons for their importance, including social, cultural or spiritual significance


    how technological developments changed people’s lives at home, and in the ways they worked, travelled and communicated

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