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If you want to save time on your Geography and History planning, then this thorough pack will provide you with all the resources you need to teach Year 1 HASS with ease for the whole year.


Closely aligned to the new Australian Curriculum 9.0, these lessons will guide your students through each knowledge and understanding and unpack the skills required for each elaboration - saving you so much time!


Unlike some resource packs sold online, these packs cover every single ACARA Knowledge and understanding elaboration, so there are no empty spaces in your curriculum coverage!


This easy-to-use, best-selling bundle includes:

  • 20 Lesson Plans
  • PowerPoints to match lessons (13 in total)
  • Assessments pieces
  • Editable marking guides
  • Colour vocabulary cards for your word wall
  • Numerous hands-on Activities
  • Worksheets and Homework Ideas


See why customers LOVE this pack with over 110+ pieces of positive feedback:

"This provides more than double what I need to cover the AC HASS content. I love the real-life photos and links/QR codes to video content."

"This has so many amazing resources and ideas! Thank you so much"

"Love the up-to-date graphics that help students connect"

"Perfect for my HASS program! Love the activities and wonderful drawings!"

"What a great bundle!!! Having so much fun completing activities with my students!" 


This bundle consists of the following products:

SAVE 30% Year 1 HASS Bundle: Geography & History Australian Curriculum 9.0

  • File Info

    Zipped file with PowerPoints and PDFs Over 350 pages

  • ACARA Alignment 9.0

    Year 1 Geography


    the natural, managed and constructed features of local places, and their location


    how places change and how they can be cared for by different groups including First Nations Australians

    Year 1 History


    differences in family structures and roles today, and how these have changed or remained the same over time


    continuity and change between aspects of their daily lives and their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods

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