If you want to save time on your Geography planning, then this thorough pack will provide you with all the resources you need to teach Year 1 HASS with ease. Closely aligned to the ACARA knowledge and Understanding, each activity has been differentiated to make planning for your students so much easier.



This easy-to-use packet includes:

  • Step by step alignment of all worksheets and activities to ACARA

  • Teacher Notes

  • Colour vocabulary cards for your word wall

  • Photographic slides

  • Illustrated slides

  • QR codes and hands-on activities

  • Homework sheets and worksheets


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Year 1 Geography

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  • ACARA Alignment

    Year 1 Geography

    Differences in family structures and roles today, and how these have changed or remained the same over time (ACHASSK028)

    How the present, past and future are signified by terms indicating time, as well as by dates and changes that may have personal significance, such as birthdays, celebrations and seasons (ACHASSK029)

    Differences and similarities between students' daily lives and life during their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods (ACHASSK030)

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