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This scavenger hunt activity allows you to integrate digital technologies into your classroom in a meaningful way through QR codes link and real photographs of historical items. Questions on the recording sheets aim to move students to higher-order thinking and allow them to apply historical knowledge and understanding. Perfect for distance learning, just give students the QR codes and get them to complete the sheets.


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This easy-to-use pack includes:

  • 10 QR code cards (print and laminate)
  • 10 Photographic slides (for whole-class discussion after the hunt has finished)
  • 2 Student recording sheets
  • 2 Answer sheets (for a more independent activity)

Long Ago and Today / Then and Now Social Studies Scavenger Hunt with QR Codes

  • File Info

    Electronic Download

    File Type: 1 x PDF 

    Number of pages: 26

    Suggested Year Level: Year 1 & Year 2

  • ACARA Alignment

    Year 1 HASS

    • how places change and how they can be cared for by different groups including First Nations Australians (AC9HS1K04)
    • continuity and change between aspects of their daily lives and their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods (AC9HS1K02)

    Year 2 HASS

    • how technological developments changed people’s lives at home, and in the ways they worked, travelled and communicated (AC9HS2K02)

    Year 3 HASS

    • causes and effects of changes to the local community, and how people who may be from diverse backgrounds have contributed to these changes (AC9HS3K01)
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