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Help students get the basics right with these editable writing goals. Create an interactive bulletin board display and move students' names next to goals to help them focus on one goal at a time. Use the checklists to track student goals in their writing book and provide instant feedback. Spacemen and finger spacers will help students leave spaces between words and colourful posters will guide students to make meaning of writing goals.


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This file contains both US and UK spelling variations & contains editable parts.


This easy-to-use pack contains:

  • Bulletin board lettering in colour and black & white
  • Large pencil to decorate your bulletin board with
  • Goal setting pencils with 22 different goals - editable
  • Student writing checklist in 3 different variations for differentiation - editable
  • Matching writing goal posters
  • Finger spaces spacemen or fingers





•label a picture

•make finger spaces

•write on the line

•best handwriting

•end a sentence with a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark

•start my sentences with a capital letter

•use simple sentences



•use a word from the word wall

•use a capital letter for a proper noun

•use upper and lower case letters correctly in a sentence

•use adjectives when writing

•use noun groups when writing

•use verbs when writing

•use verb groups when writing


•use interesting words

•use text connectives to signal time

•use speech marks in my writing

•use apostrophes of contractions to signal a missing letter

•edit my work to fix mistakes

•start a sentence in a variety of different ways

•use a compound sentence

•use a complex sentence


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"My students loved this resource and found it very engaging. The activity offers opportunities to differentiate for all learners and for students to progress at their own pace."


"Great for teaching writing. I especially loved the spacemen. My students love to use these as they learn to put spaces between words."


"I love this, what a fun and engaging way to help children remember spaces!"


"This resource was beneficial! My kids got so much from it! Thank you!"

Writing Goals Posters Bulletin Board and Checklists Editable

  • File Info

    Zipped file with 1 x PDF (82 pages) and 1 x Editable PowerPoint

  • ACARA Alignment

    Foundation Year English

    Create short texts to explore, record and report ideas and events using familiar words and beginning writing knowledge (ACELY165)

    Participate in shared editing of students’ own texts for meaning, spelling, capital letters and full stops (ACELY1652)

    Produce some lower case and upper case letters using learned letter formations (ACELY1653)


    Create short imaginative and informative texts that show emerging use of appropriate text structure, sentence-level grammar, word choice, spelling, punctuation and appropriate multimodal elements, for example illustrations and diagrams (ACELY1661)

    Re-read student’s own texts and discuss possible changes to improve meaning, spelling and punctuation (ACELY1662)


    Create short imaginative, informative and persuasive texts using growing knowledge of text structures and language features for familiar and some less familiar audiences, selecting print and multimodal elements appropriate to the audience and purpose (ACELY167)

    Re-read and edit text for spelling, sentence-boundary punctuation and text structure (ACELY1672)

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