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If you want to save time on your Geography planning, then this thorough pack will provide you with all the resources you need to teach Year 3 HASS with ease.


Closely aligned to the new Australian Curriculum 9.0, these lessons will guide your students through each knowledge and understanding and unpack the skills required for each elaboration - saving you so much time!


Unlike some resource packs sold online, these packs cover every single ACARA Knowledge and understanding elaboration, so there are no empty spaces in your curriculum coverage!


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See why teachers love this pack:

"Loved this and loved using it in the classroom. Great way to integrate as well"

"Your products are AMAZING! Please keep making more of your fantastic resources like this one - thank you so much!"

"Covered everything I needed for the Australian Curriculum. Loved the interactive activities. The class loved these lessons."

"Some outstanding maps and diagrams to explain topography, climate zones, states and territories. The inclusion of New Zealand was a bonus."


This easy-to-use, best-selling packet includes:

  • 10 Lesson Plans
  • PowerPoints to match lessons (3 in total)
  • Assessment pieces
  • Editable marking guide
  • Vocabulary cards for your word wall
  • Numerous hands-on Activities
  • Worksheets and Homework Ideas



1. What are the states and territories of Australia?

2. What countries are located near Australia?

3. How can Australian maps be represented in different ways?

4. How are First Nations Australians from different parts of Australia interconnected?

5. How do First Nations Australians connect to Country through art?

6. What are the main climatic types in Australia?

7. How do places differ from Australia geographically?

8. What type of housing do people use in different climates and environments?

9. What are the different settlement types?

10. Assessment

Geography Year 3 Australian Curriculum 9.0 HASS

  • File Info

    Zipped file PDFs and PowerPoints 140 page

  • ACARA Alignment

    Year 3 Geography

    the representation of contemporary Australia as states and territories, and as the Countries/Places of First Nations Australians prior to colonisation, and the locations of Australia’s neighbouring regions and countries(AC9HS3K03)

    the ways First Nations Australians in different parts of Australia are interconnected with Country/Place (AC9HS3K04)

    The similarities and differences between places in Australia and neighbouring countries in terms of their natural, managed and constructed features (AC9HS3K05)

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