5 Gift ideas that teachers will love for under $30

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

If you're a teacher buying for another teacher or just a parent looking for a cheaper alternative for teacher gifts, you can't go past these awesome teacher gift ideas. Teachers really don't need a lot of money spent on them (it's the thought that counts remember!) and it can actually be very embarrassing for other parents and teachers if a very expensive gift is given so keep things reasonable and think small but useful.

Tack Packs

One year I was given a really pretty pack of tacks of different kinds (hooks, button, paperclips, bulldog clips etc..) and I actually used them SO MUCH the following new school year. Teachers are always pinning things to notice boards such as student work or work samples. They were so handy and having a container to keep them in was very useful. You can get some pretty tack packs on Amazon but most department stores have a good range.

Plant pots

Cute and funky, these little pot plants have become so popular this year every teacher will love them! They don't have to be real but if you really want to help teachers, get a cactus. Watering plants in the classroom is pretty low down on a teacher priority list. Prevent plant death and get some small fake ones. If you get small ones they can be placed on teacher desks to brighten up any classroom. Kmart has these cat planters with plastic flowers and they are so cute and on-trend right now. Only $6 too so you can get a small range of them and package them up! You could also personalise it with a tag or note.

Desktop Organisation

Teachers are so seriously time-poor that desks can get messy super quick. ANYTHING you can get a teacher to help them get organised is ALWAYS a winner. Think pen holders, sticky note dispensers, tape dispensers, document trays etc.. These are some sweet pencil holders with pencils from Kmart in the on-trend boho-chic rainbow style popular at the moment and they are under $10 each! Also check Amazon, Big W and Office Works for some handy organising tools, place them in a basket and your teacher will love you!

Tablet or Phone Holders

This does fall under the 'desk organisation' idea somewhat but with more and more teachers working online, any sort of holder is going to be well used. I particularly love these wooden tablet holders because they can be used to display books, keeping a phone or tablet on or just a hundred other uses. Again, all under $10 from most stores (this one is from Kmart for $9).

Tea or Coffee Warming Pads

Ask any teacher if their hot drink ever gets cold and you'll hear a resounding YES! I can't tell you the number of times I've brought tea into my classroom early in the morning and then gotten distracted with other jobs and returned to a cold cup of tea. I have one of these myself and I found it SO useful! It comes with an adaptor cord to plug into the wall or computer and will keep your teacher's drink hot all day if necessary. Amazon has a great range so look around and for the best price and your teacher is going to be thanking you every day they return to their hot drink!

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